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Neracar- 1924

The Neracar was the design of Carl Neracher and produced by his company, Ner-A-Car Corporation, in Syracuse, New York. The unique features of a low-slung frame, friction-drive, and hub steering made the Neracar an easy to ride two-wheeler. Unlike motorcycles, these features made the vehicle extremely stable, easy to steer, and allowed for pass-through ingress …

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Clifft Go-Peds- 1978

Dale Clifft, creator of the Clifft Commutercycle, invented the Go-Ped in the late 1970s. The Go-Ped is a power assisting device for manually operated vehicles, such as a bicycle, which takes the form of a motor which powers a driving wheel. The motor is mounted on a mounting frame, which is connected through a linkage …

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Electric Homemade Minibike- 1970

This homemade electric minibike was built by Richard Kulka of Mansfield, Ohio and used as his commuter vehicle for the two-mile ride from his home to the firehouse where he worked. It is believed to have been constructed using plans out of Popular Mechanics or another mechanical interest magazine of the period. The bike is …

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Xingyue Shanghai ScooterPOD- 2008

This small, 49cc, two-wheeled enclosed scooter was made by little known Chinese scooter manufacturer Xingyue. The scooter is meant to achieve high gas mileage and be more practical in inclement weather with its full roof panel, similar to the company’s larger enclosed three-wheel 150cc scooters. Although not confirmed, it appears that Xingyue may have been …

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Clifft Commutercycle- 1974

In 1973, Dale Clifft set out to build a small, fuel-efficient vehicle to use as a commuter vehicle in his southern California hometown of Tarzana. Working in a friend’s garage, Clifft constructed a tubular framework, and covered it in a reddish-orange metallic Naugahyde, to create a small three-wheeler that seated two. As he wanted to …

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Bamby- 1984

A modern version of the Peel P50, Bamby microcars were built in Hull, England by Alan Evans. Initial marketing targeted the sale of this modern microcar to young drivers and housewives, but the cost of the vehicle (around £1,597) proved unrealistic for that market. Bamby production only lasted about one year – from its introduction …

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