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Rally for The Lane- Reviews

Comments from Past Participants

2010 Participants- Rally for The Lane

Check out some of the comments from participants of our past Rallys!

This was a wonderful experience and I plan to return next year again if possible!- Dave Craven

It was a wonderful experience, Jeff Lane is a trusting soul… John Beavers

The “Rally for the Lane” was a truly interesting and rewarding experience. Myself, my father, my uncle, and my grandfather all participated in the event, leaving all 3 generations with life long memories from the day! The cars were unique and I applaud owner Jeff Lane’s attitude that cars were meant to be driven and not just be a museum pieces to sit around. It was a great event and I will be there again next year! – Bryan Edwards

The Rally for the Lane is the best event ever… Ever! Well planned. Well executed. A true joy.My team ranged from early 30’s to almost 90 and all were thrilled. We highly commend you for allowing some of your cars to be used in this unique and exciting time.The route was great, the camaraderie among the staff and participants was great, the cars were great, the lunch venue was great, the distillery tour was great, the post rally reception was great. We would say a GREAT time was had by all. We cannot sufficiently thank you for all the planning that made the rally go so smoothly. We will be back…! – John & Rosalind Sopko

This was a wonderful experience. Opportunities to drive cars like this do not come around very often. We hope to participate again. – Mark Borkowsk

What a great Museum that will share it’s fantastic cars and facility.- Chas Moore

The Rally for the Lane 2011 was a blast. We loved the Renault Spider! Thank you Jeff, Vicki, and all the staff at the Lane Museum for a great day. We will be back! – John & Cheryl Hering

This is such a great (and unusual) idea, I’m surprised more museums don’t copy it. What a terrific opportunity to experience different vehicles and meet fellow enthusiasts. – Bernard Robertson

You guys did a great job , looking forward to next year & hope to interest more people to join us. – Bob Hopper

What a marvelous event! All of the staff were friendly, polite and helpful. The organization was exceptional. Everyone in my group remarked over and over again on the absence of warnings and lists of prohibited activities. It was assumed we were all mature people and we were treated accordingly. Thank you for that. – Steve Hanley

My first experience with Lane Motor Museum but I hope it won’t be the last. I thoroughly enjoyed the “rally” and hope to do it again next year in a different car, maybe one of the Tatras. – David Griffies

This was our first rally and it was a blast! The museum took care of all the planning so we could just enjoy ourselves. – David Burnsworth

The Lane Motor Museum is a Nashville hidden gem and the rally was about as much fun as you can have (legally). We are so glad we participated and intend to be there again next year. – Otis and Nancy Welch

The rally for 2 years in a row has been a blast. Seeing different parts of the Tennessee countryside and driving some of the most unique cars around. I wish other auto museums around the US would do this. Hopefully I will be able to do this for years to come. Keep on motoring. – Pieter Vander Laan

The whole rally was excellent. The route was very well planned and had a variety of driving conditions. Lunch and the visit to the distillery were fun and entertaining. The staff and volulnteers were all very nice and helpfull with everything, thank you to everyone who made the rally possible. I am glad Mr. Lane has created such a unique opportunity for car lovers of all types, from the museum itself to the to the unbelieveable extras like the rally. Thank you all again and I hope to see you at next years rally. – Rob Sullivan

We loved participating in our first “Rally for the Lane” event and can’t wait for next year. We are still telling people all about our day and are excited to show everyone the pictures. Thanks for organizing such a great day! Oh, and winning first place was such a shock and fantastic surprise! – Edward and Ruth Morris

I had a fantastic time! The rally was organized flawlessly and it was such a treat to meet the other drivers and everyone affiliated with the museum. Driving a Tatra was also a dream come true. I’ll look forward to coming down again next year. – John Miles

When I read about your first rally, it took 0 convincing for us to partake in the 2011 event. The preparation and organization of the whole event was just top notch. That, with the chance for us to drive- at length- my favorite car in the museum is surely one of the highlights of our year. We’re hooked! – Larry & Marybeth Claypool

Nice cars, great people, and a fun and exciting full day rally… James Hurm

Lunch was fantastic! The entire experience was delightful..”- Eric Krenz

We loved the beautiful countryside of Tennessee.- Joel & Rosalie Weinburger

A great way to experience out of the ordinary machines and out of the ordinary people.- M. Deak

It was an exciting, fun-filled day. Thanks!- James Hurm