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Tatra- The Last Fifty Years

This exhibit features the following Tatras from the museum’s collection:

  1. 1937 Tatra T-87
  2. 1947 Tatra T-87
  3. 1950 Tatra T-600
  4. 1958 Tatra T-603
  5. 1978 Tatra T-613
  6. 1978 Tatra T-700


Tatra is a storied marque, but one unfamiliar to most car enthusiasts. Beginning like so many auto manufacturers in the wagon and carriage trade, Tatra rose through the Czechoslovakian industrial landscape – first with railroad cars, then fairly conventional cars, but later with something really special and almost unknown – the aerodynamic sedans they are best known for.

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The exhibit “Tatra- The Last Fifty Years” will be on display until May 21, 2012.