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The 1965 Twini Mini Replica

Twini MiniThe Twini Mini is a re-creation of John Cooper’s fabled twin-engined, four wheel drive Mini Cooper. Several dual-engine cars were borne of BMC products in the mid 1960s, with Cooper’s version the best known. While not a true racer due to limited production, it was fearsome – 178 horsepower, four wheel drive, and only 1600 pounds, with performance equaling contemporary Ferraris! Several “twin-mins”, as they were also called, were built, all by different fabricators.

Cooper’s car met an untimely end in a frightening 1964 crash, almost killing him in the process. Other builders’ versions of the Twini Mini did go on to some competition success, many years before Audi Quattros became the dominant force in World Rallying.