Daily demonstrations at 11am, free with admission!

On Display Through February 10th, 2025

Whether out of necessity, creativity, or passion, humans can find ways to make something out of what others deem junk. The introduction of the automobile to the world left us with an abundance of damaged and discarded pieces and parts of one of the greatest technologies to ever change our world. This exhibition explores the life of these pieces and parts after they are left behind from their original purpose. Whether these parts become entwined in a new hand-built vehicle or a work of art that expresses one’s inner self, they continue on with a new purpose in life.

Featured artist: Edwin Lockridge

Growing up with a father who was an artist, Lockridge was no stranger to the world of art. He was drawing even before he could speak. Today, Edwin is a mixed-media artist living in Nashville experiencing the struggles of homelessness. Through his life’s journey, he keeps his faith strong and uses found objects to create his art. Many of the objects he redefines are remnants of automobiles.