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Suzuki GSXR750- 1988


The mid-1980s saw the beginning of the “bullet” bike. Suzuki took three models of race bikes and de-tuned them for sale to the public. The demand was substantial–the motorcycle enthusiast was able to have supercar performance for a very reasonable price. 1986 saw an all new version of the GSXR. This motorcycle had an all new cast aluminum chassis riding on 17 inch wheels. The engine was completely re-worked–the stroke was shortened and the bore enlarged allowing the engine to redline at a whopping 13,000 rpms! The only unfortunate aspect was the weight gain–this model GSXR put on 30 pounds, for a total of 394 pounds. In 1985, the GSXR750 was heralded as the first of a new breed of race replica road bikes.

Manufacturer: Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd.
Country of Origin: Japan
Engine: 749cc, 4 cylinder, liquid cooled, 75 hp
Transmission: 6 speed
Top Speed: 155 miles per hour
Years of Production: 1985-present
Number Produced: _____
Original Cost: $6,000