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Solex Flash 6000- 1972

Solex Flash 6000- 1972

 Quite a departure from Solex’s other offerings, the Flash debuted in 1969.Instead of the roller-style transmission over the front wheels, this model features a drive-shaft that connected the fan-cooled engine to the rear wheel. The Flash also had a front disc brake and an increased top speed of 25 mph.  

In 1972, the 6000 model replaced the Flash, and featured a telescoping suspension for the front fork and stainless steel fenders, as seen in the example here.

Unfortunately, the Flash/6000 was not known for its reliability. It was also much more difficult to service the engine, which had to be dropped out of the frame entirely. The 6000’s production run came to an end in 1977.


Manufacturer:  Solex
Country of Origin:  France
Drivetrain Configuration:  Direct drive on rear wheel
Engine:  Single cylinder, 49cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled, 1.4 HP
Transmission:  Centrifugal clutch
Top Speed:  25 mph
Years of Production:  1969-1972 (Flash) 1972- 1977 (6000)
Number Produced:  100,000
Original Cost:  820 French francs, or $163 US (about $638 US today)


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