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Snow Hawk JR R60-2007

Unique in the world, the Snow Hawk is made from the fusion of three powersports which include the motorcycle, watercraft, and snowmobile.  The Hawk Junior 60 is a small snow bike weighing barely 100 lbs., built for kids 5 to 10 years old wishing to move and play in the snow.  The seat height is 31”.  It is fitted with a tuned pipe, silencer, and diaphragm carburetor.  Power is transferred through a unique centrifugal drive combined with a CVT drive clutch.  The 90” track length is 6” wide with one-inch lugs.  Stopping power is through a hydraulic disc brake system.  Fuel capacity is about 1½ gallons.
You can ride it year round, as it comes with a small wheel kit which replaces the ski and allowing one to ride in various terrains.  The slightly larger Snow Hawk Jr. X 120 allows adults up to 160 lbs. the same excitement.
Manufacturer:  AD Boivin Design Inc.
Country of Origin:  Canada
Engine:  Fan-cooled “Raket”, single cylinder, 2-stroke, 60cc, 8 hp
Transmission:  Constantly Variable Transmission
Top Speed:  30 mph
Years of Production:  2007-__
Number Produced: _____
Original Cost:  $2,500