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Sears Saber 50 (Puch)-1966



Johann Puch & Company of Austria was focused on the manufacture of motorcycles for the first half of the twentieth century.  Post-war Europe needed small, economical transportation, and Puch filled that need with the “Baby Puch,” also known as the Steyr-Daimler-Puch ms50, inventing a new method of two-wheeled transport–the moped.  Sears sold these bikes through their catalogs and stores under the “Allstate” name.  Allstate also sold a 175 and a 250 model.  Those sold as Puch’s had two carburetors, while the sears bikes had to make do with one carburetor.  The Sabre is the late-model Puch street replacement for the “Compact.”  The 5-hp engine and saddle seat was powerful and roomy for two.  Puch stopped manufacturing motorcycles in 1986.
Manufacturer:  Puch
Country of Origin:  Austria
Engine:  50cc, 1 cylinder, two stroke
Transmission:  4 speed manual
Top Speed:  45 miles per hour
Years of Production:  19__-__
Number Produced:  ____
Original Cost:  Approx. $200