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In the 1950s and ‘60s there were over 300 motorcycle manufacturers in Italy.  Paglianti was one of the small manufacturers in business from 1948-1966.  They built 49cc mopeds and 75cc mini scooters using engines from three different manufacturers.  This model is the 75cc mini scooter version using a French-made Morini engine.  The mini scooter was a stepping stone between someone who wanted a motor bike with a little more performance than a moped but was not yet ready for a full-size motorcycle.
Manufacturer:  Paglianti Motors
Country of Origin:  Italy
Engine:  75cc, 1 cylinder, air cooled,2-stroke
Transmission:  3 speed
Top Speed:  45 mph
Years of Production:  1948-66
Number Produced:  Unknown
Original Cost:  Unknown