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NSU 501 Konsul II- 1952


NSU began motorcycle production in 1901, four years before they began producing cars.  The company prospered with motorcycles , and although air-raid bombing during World War II destroyed their factories, by the mid-1950s, NSU was the world’s biggest motorcycle maker.  It is rumored that the name “Konsul” was selected for this motorcycle because it incorporated the company’s letters “nsu.”  An advertising slogan used was “intelligent heads buy Konsul.”  This motorcycle was often used with a sidecar.  In the early 1950s, NSU became concerned that micro cars might replace motorcycles.  So in 1958, they came out with their own micro car–the Prinz I.  NSU also built the first production car powered by a Wankel engine–the Wankel Spider Convertible.  Lane Motor Museum has an excellent cross-section of NSU cars in our German area.                     

Manufacturer:  NSU Motorenwerke AG
Country of Origin:  Germany
Engine:  Single cylinder, 494cc,  21 HP, 4 stroke
Transmission:  Manual 4 speed
Top Speed:  76 miles per hour
Years of Production:  1951-54
Number Produced:  Approximately 6,000
Original Cost:  2,500 Deutsche Marks