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Mitsubishi CM90 Silver Pigeon- 1957

Mitsubishi CM90 Silver Pigeon- 1957

In the early 1900s, small towns and farms in America were far from the centers of commerce and the idea of mail-order shopping was essential. Large catalog retailers offered shoppers the advantage of mailing or calling in an order– anything from clothing and small appliances to farm tractors and pre-fabricated houses. Motor-scooters were available by mail before World War II through “Popular Mechanics,” but when Gambles stores began selling them in 1946, mail-order motor scooters took on a whole new meaning. Thousands were sold through catalogs by Gambles, Sears, Roebuck & Co., and Montgomery Ward.

Montgomery Ward began offering this Mitsubishi-built Silver Pigeon C90M scooter in the 1950s under their “captive import” motorcycle brand, Riverside. A “captive import” was a vehicle that was foreign-built and sold under the name of an importer. Interestingly, this Silver Pigeon was branded as a Montgomery Ward.

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Motors Corp., Tokyo
Country of Origin: Japan
Engine: 200cc, one cylinder, 2 stroke
Transmission: 1 speed centrifugal clutch (automatic)
Top Speed: 43 miles per hour
Years of Production: 1946-63
Number Produced: 463,000
Original Cost: unknown

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