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Honda Sport 65- 1965


Honda can be said to have introduced motorcycling to the masses in the U.S., with the 1959 introduction of the C100 Super Cub–the world’s best-selling vehicle. The Super Cub remained in production for 35 years and sold upwards of 30 million units! The 1960s saw the beginning of what was to become a string of over 100 major motorcycle championships worldwide, beginning with Mike “the bike” Hailwood’s twin victories at the Isle of Man in 1961. By 1965, Honda was selling well over a quarter-million motorcycles annually. The Sport 65 (also designated as S65 or CS65), was introduced in 1965 as an “amazing quiet, inexpensive sports bike.” It came in three colors– white, black, and scarlet red; seats are black and white. Serial numbers began with S65-A100001; this bike is S65-E08976.

Manufacturer: Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
Country of Origin: Japan
Engine: 63cc, OHC, single cylinder, 4 stroke
Transmission: 4 speed with manual clutch
Top Speed: 55 miles per hour
Years of Production: 1965-69
Number Produced: _____
Original Cost: ____