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Honda Motocompo scooter-1984

This Honda scooter is designed so the handle bars and the seat can be folded down so it can be loaded into the back of a car.  It was originally designed to fit in the back of the Honda City Turbo, a small hatchback car.  As Japan has monumental traffic jams, the theory was one could park the City in a convenient parking lot, unload and unfold the MotoCompo, and continue one’s commute.  Although this sounds like a great idea, the fact is the scooter weighs about 90 lbs., so loading and unloading it from the car is no easy task.
Manufacturer:  Honda Motor Co.
Country of Origin:  Japan
Engine:  Single cylinder, air-cooled, 4 hp
Transmission:  Automatic
Top Speed:  20 mph
Years of Production:  1984-1988
Number Produced:  53,369
Original Cost: ¥80,000 ($337 US in 1984)