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Hercules W-2000 1975


The Hercules W-2000 was the first rotary powered motorcycle offered for sale to the public through a dealer network. The W-2000, introduced at the German Ifma Show in 1970, was labeled as a full production model but in reality it was a test to see if the public would accept a rotary powered motorcycle. Full series production began in 1974 after three engine revisions. Although the W-2000 was a good motorcycle, it was heavy and expensive. This resulted in a short production life of two years and less than 2,000 units.

Manufacturer: Nuernberger Hercules-Werke
Country of Origin: Germany
Engine: Rotary 294cc, 27 hp
Transmission: 6 speed manual
Top Speed: 91 miles per hour
Years of Production: 1974-76
Number Produced: 1,834
Original Cost: ____