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Harley-Davidson Model 6 Replica-1910


In 1903, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company was formed when William S. Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson convinced Arthur’s brother Walter to help them finish building the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle to be sold to the public. By 1910, the year of this single-cylinder machine, they went from building just a handful of motorcycles in a small wooden shed to producing 3,168 motorcycles.

This 1910 Model 6 replica was one of the models helping to bridge the gap at Harley-Davidson from bicycles with engines into real motorcycle production. 1910 was the first time the company concealed the control cables within the handlebars. The Model 6 had an idler pulley to engage and disengage the drive belt. When the lever was applied, the drive belt ran the bike. When the lever was released, it took tension off the drive belt, allowing the engine to be pedal-started in a neutral position and the bike didn’t need to be stopped by cutting the engine.

Manufacturer: Timeless Motor Company (Harley-Davidson replica)
Country of Origin: USA
Engine: Air-cooled, 494cc Single
Transmission: Leather belt (chain after 1912)
Top Speed: 80 mph
Years of Production: 1909-1910
Number Produced: 3,168
Original Cost: $210