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BMW Motorad Boxer Cup Replika R1100S- 2004


This 2004 BMWr1100s can trace its roots back to the beginning of BMW motorcycles–the 1923 boxer twin called the r32. That motorcycle was admired for its speed and excellent handling due to the cylinder placement which keeps the weight very low in the motorcycle. The museum’s 1952 BMWr51/3 represents BMW’s first 30 years’ evolution of the boxer motorcycle. Comparing these two motorcycles, you can see another 50 years of development. Amazingly, eighty years after boxer bikes were developed, while evolutionary, they are fundamentally very similar bikes. With its aerodynamic design and lightweight chassis, the high-performance, limited edition, r1100s is modeled after the race bikes that tear up European tracks in the International Boxercup Series.




Manufacturer: BMW Motorrad
Country of Origin: Germany
Engine: Air-cooled,1100cc twin cylinder, 98bhp
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Top Speed: 130mph
Years of Production: 2004-2005
Number Produced: Limited numbers
Original Cost: $16,000