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Avid Catalina


Avid Aircraft was an American company that built and sold homebuilt kit airplanes. The company was started in 1983 by Dean Wilson, and was initially based in Idaho, moving to Montana in 1998. Avid made several different airplane kits, one being the Catalina, debuting in 1992 as a high-wing amphibious tail dragger. It can land on water or land, but as the previous owner states, “Don’t land on the water with the wheels down, and don’t land on land with the wheels up.” The Catalina has five distinct features:
1. Amphibious
2. Pusher – prop is rear-mounted
3. Foldable – so it can be towed to the lake and stored in a garage
4. Towable – it can be towed to the lake and back
5. Homebuilt – sold as a kit enabling one to build their own plane
Also, the Catalina has flaperons, which combine the function of ailerons (used to turn the plane), and flaps (used in take-off and landing, flaps increase lift and decrease stall speed). The fuselage has a steel tube frame, with a one-piece fiberglass hull. The wings are of aluminum and wood construction, with fabric covering. About 100 kits were sold before Avid Aircraft went out of business in 2003. This plane has flown, and the previous owner relates that it is scary just sitting on the water.


Acquired from HMS Flea Collection Works


Engine: Rotax 618 2-stroke, 75 HP
Empty Weight: Design – 600 lbs., Actual build – 890 lbs.
Passengers: 3 small people 
Cruise Speed: 75 MPH
Max Speed: 90 MPH
Stall Speed: 42 MPH
Wingspan: 36 ft.
Kit Cost: $19,283 (without engine)
Years of Production: 1992-2003
Number Produced: 100