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Zündapp Janus 250- 1957

Zündapp Janus 250- 1957

Zündapp is one of the best-known makes of German motorcycles. The company’s first car was in 1931 and it was Ferdinand Porche’s design for a “people’s car.” They concentrated on motorcycles until 1956 when production began on an unusual microcar designed by aircraft-builder Claudius Dornier. As you can see, this car has two doors and seats four people–although in a very different way. Doors are located at the front and rear with passengers facing the front or rear. The engine is mounted between the two rows of seats which can be folded down to provide sleeping space for two people. This design simplified building as it called for fewer pressings. The name “Janus” was appropriately chosen after the Roman god who faced in two directions. Options for the Janus include a sun visor for both directions, sunroof, heater, and two-tone paint.




  • Manufacturer: Zündapp-Werke GmbH
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Engine: 248cc, single cylinder, 2-stroke, 14 hp
  • Top Speed: 50 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1957-1958
  • Number Produced: 6,902

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