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Weidner Condor- 1958


Hans Trippel is known as the man who designed the Amphicar. Before the Amphicar, he designed the Weidner Condor. The Condor was presented to the public at the 1957 Geneva Auto Show. It was built by farm equipment manufacturers Fritz and Reinhold Weidner. The body, provided by the Binz factory, is made of the most expensive material available in the 1950s – fiberglass integrated onto a steel chassis. It has a three cylinder, two-stroke, water cooled Heinkel engine. The public admired the streamline design and technical conception, but the selling price was too high when compared to its competitors – NSU Prinz or Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. A similar design (the Troll) was to be the first car made in Norway but only six were built. This Weidner Condor is one of only two known to exist.