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Walker Power Truck 600 GN- 1962


Max Walker began manufacturing golf carts in Fowler, Kansas, in 1957. Recognizing the company needed a product that could be produced year-round as well as for wider markets, Walker released the Power Truck in 1962.The Power Truck featured front wheel drive, rear-wheel steering, a mid-mounted engine, and the unusual ability for the truck to be operated in right hand or left hand drive. The unique foot pedal worked from either side: the driver simply pushed the accelerator bar to go, and released it to stop; the brake was rarely needed. The Power Truck’s bed is also ingenuous; it slides back for easy access to the engine compartment underneath. The 600 GN designation means that this model has a narrow rear axle compared to the wide rear axle of the 600 GW.
These multi-purpose commercial utility vehicles were used for a variety of tasks, such as mail and pizza delivery, personnel transport, or as a light-duty pickup. Later, it was adapted for use as a floor scrubber for factories and even U.S. Navy aircraft carrier decks. The company was sold to investors in 1968, and moved to Casper, Wyoming, where they began manufacturing lawn mowers. The company still makes lawn mowers to this day, with the Walker family back in control of operations, currently based in Ft. Collins, Colorado. This particular example was used by the Southern Wisconsin Center, a mental-health care facility in Union Grove, Wisconsin.


Manufacturer: Walker Manufacturing Corp.
Country of Origin: United States
Drivetrain Configuration: Mid-engine, front-wheel drive
Engine: Two-cylinder, air-cooled, 16hp
Transmission: Automatic running through three speed range gearbox
Top Speed: 40 MPH
Years of Production: 1962-1972
Number Produced: Unknown
Original Cost: Unknown