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Vitrex ADDAX-1978


French industrial planner Jacques Riboud, of Vitrex Industrie, promoted and designed microcars as a solution to increased urbanization in 1970’s Paris. He believed full-size cars to be too big and too expensive for the old city’s infrastructure. In his publication, Three Wheels and a Brake Pedal he states “For each role … it is conceived, each object is sufficient – no more.” TheADDAX was first produced by SECAM (Société Anonyme d’Études et de Construction Automobiles et Motocycles) in 1975. Vitrex Industrie acquired SECAM in 1978 and the ADDAX continued in production under a new name while the model itself remained relatively unchanged. The fiberglass body was available in 5 colors.
The ADDAX was advertised as a simple yet safe car for women and working professionals who traveled frequently inside Paris. This French advertisement claims “With an electric starter, automatic clutch and shifting gear, it is a pleasant vehicle to drive. It gives a woman independence to take her child to school, to go to the city center and to park easily, and to bring back shopping. Finally, to go to the office or to the workshop well sheltered at all times … ADDAX brings the biggest help with minimum expenses.”




Manufacturer: Vitrex Industrie

Country of Origin: France

Drivetrain Configuration: Rear-engine, real-wheel drive

Engine: SACHS, air-cooled, 47cc, single cylinder, 2.6bhp

Transmission: 2 speed automatic

Top Speed: 45 km/h (27mph)

Years of Production: 1974-1980 (SECAM and Vitrex)

Number Produced: 2,400

Original Cost: ₣12.450 F ($2,767)