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TVR S2- 1990


By the mid-‘80s, TVR was on their third owner. Founder TreVoR Wilkinson had left in 1962; Martin Lilley introduced great cars but was a poor businessman, and turned the helm over to shareholder Peter Wheeler in 1981. After 23 years of success, Wheeler left and the company fell into disarray, with periods of no production and rumors of its demise. As of late, a new syndicate promises to unveil the newest TVR at the Goodwood Revival in 2017, coinciding with TVR’s 70th anniversary.)


The S Series, introduced at the British International Motor Show in 1986, was TVR’s entry-level sports car. Riding the coattails of the mid-‘80s classic car boom, it abandoned the Lilley-era wedge profile for a shape that evoked the 3000S coupe of the 1960s. Unlike the earlier car, the new S used a Ford-sourced “Cologne” V6 engine, a five-piece fiberglass body, and fully independent rear suspension. Performance was only brisk, but handling was excellent. At the debut, response was so positive that six months’ worth of orders were taken.


The early S1 cars used a smaller 2.8l engine, a bit down on power and not nearly as well-finished. The S2, 3, and 4 cars got a bit more power with the 2.9l engine, and fit and finish were much improved. The hybrid convertible roof was unique – the two rigid panels could be removed and stored in the trunk, creating a “targa”-style roof, or the full roof could be dropped as a conventional roadster. Up, it was even quiet and weatherproof, unlike so many traditional British roadsters. Produced at the same time as the Lilley-era wedge-shaped TVRs, the new S series was what the company needed. Eventually, a Rover-sourced V8 found its way into the chassis, and the upmarket V8S was born, stealing sales of the slightly slower S. Production ended in 1994.Said Norm Mort in British Car, April 1990: “…top down is the real way to enjoy the TVR S2. Those great, burbling sounds, sunshine and wind in your face; cares and worries are quickly blown away; the car makes you feel good.”



Manufacturer: TVR Engineering Limited

Country of Origin: England

Drivetrain configuration: Front-engine, rear-wheel drive

Engine: Ford-sourced water-cooled 2935cc V-6, 170hp

Transmission: 5-speed manual