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Tornado Typhoon- 1958


The Tornado Typhoon (named after the British fighter plane, not the storm) was created by Bill Woodhouse of Hetfordshire, England. Bill was dissatisfied with the kit car companies of the 1950s and the difficulty of finding commonly manufactured automobile parts that would fit them. He developed the Typhoon to use English Ford components, including the engine and suspension, with this Typhoon using parts for an English Ford Prefect. The Prefect was a well-known, mass-produced automobile in England. Engine and suspension components of the Prefect would be easy to source and fit in this new kit car. To keep things lightweight, sporty, and affordable, the body is produced out of fiberglass. It is believed that between 300-400 of the Typhoon car, both complete and kit form, were produced and sold to the public.

This specific Typhoon is best known as the Classic Motorsport magazine project car from 2013-2015. The team at the magazine purchased this car and performed a complete restoration of it for their followers, both in the magazine and online.
The restoration was unveiled at the
2015 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.