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TVE (Teilhol Véhicules Electrique) Messagette Utility Version- 1977


One year after the Citadine was released, Teilhol introduced a utility version of the Citadine called the Messagette. Following the form of its predecessor, the Messagette is a three -wheeled urban vehicle, with an electric motor that, according to the manufacturer, could travel 70-100 km (43-62 miles) on a full charge. The customizable body was made of fiberglass and rested on a tubular chassis. Although the vehicle was designed to fit the needs of urban drivers, not many of these vehicles were produced.
A 1970’s Teilhol advertisement describes the vehicle as, “Welcoming, relaxed, leisurely, from the beach to the city, the real secrets of his smile. It is economic. It is electric”
The most popular Messagette body style was this utility version which was utilized at Parisian airports as a service vehicle.


Manufacturer: TVE (Teilhol Véhicules Electrique)

Country of Origin: France

Drivetrain Configuration: Rear mid-motor, rear wheel drive

Motor: 4 KW

Transmission: Electronic control, forward and reverse

Top Speed: 25 km/h (16 mph)

Years of Production: 1973-1983

Number Produced: Approx. 50

Original Cost: Unknown