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TVE (Teilhol Véhicules Electrique) Citadine- 1974


TVE released its first production model in 1972 with the three-wheeled Citadine electric car. The Citadine’s exterior design was inspired by earlier “bubble cars’ like BMW’s Isetta, although it’s front-opening door was hinged at the top. Like the Isetta, this was intended to ease entry and exit from the vehicle directly onto the curb.

The Citadine utilized a fiberglass body bonded to a tubular frame. It was a very minimalist car, an intended only for use in urban environments. Despite its diminutive size (only 7 feet long), the heavy batteries made the car weigh in at over a half a ton! Only around 30 Citadines were produced, but it established a base chassis on which to develop other TVE models, including the Messagette, utility, handicap-accessible, and beach versions.




Manufacturer: TVE (Teilhol Véhicules Electrique)
Country of Origin: France
Drivetrain Configuration: Rear mid-motor, rear wheel drive
Motor: 1 KW
Transmission: Electronic control, forward and reverse
Top Speed: 25 km/h (16 mph)
Years of Production: 1975
Number Produced: Unknown
Original Cost: Unknown