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Tatra T-87 Saloon- 1947


Tatra began experimenting with car aerodynamics in the early 1930s and began work on an automobile design on which future Tatras were based for decades. The Tatra T-77 was the world’s first serially produced aerodynamic-styled automobile powered by an air-cooled rear-mounted engine. The T-87 you see here began production in 1936. With the outbreak of war, Tatra was forced to produce military vehicles but the T-87 was allowed in limited production. It is rumored this car was favored by Hitler for its high speed, remarkable traction in bad weather, and its reliability on the cold Eastern front. It is said that so many German officers were killed behind the wheel that they were forbidden from driving the T-87. Notice how the windshield is flanked by small windows at the a-pillars giving the driver exceptional visibility. There is a smooth flow of body lines from the three headlights on the front hood to the elegant dorsal fin. The intake scoops allow air to flow into the engine.