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Tatra T-607 Monopost (replica)-1950


The T602 Tatraplán Sport was created by Tatra for the 1949 Czechoslovak Grand Prix. It was based on the T600 Tatraplán, which was a continuation of the pre-WWII T77 and T87 models designed by the legendary engineer Hans Ledwinka. The T602 was driven by veteran racing driver Bruno Sojka and even though it finished in 9th place, it may have been the first air-cooled engined race car classified in a sanctioned Grand Prix event.

Once racing resumed after World War II, Tatra developed the T607 Monopost (single-seater), like the one right before you. It was created to race in Formula One and Formula Two, featuring a rear-mid V8 all-aluminum engine, borrowed from the T603, rear-engined luxury sedan but tuned up from 96 hp to 162 hp, with a top speed of 118 mph.

In the early 1950s, Tatra passenger car production was interrupted due to the emerging Cold War. The government instructed the company to concentrate on trucks, as they very well did—and succeeded—while occasionally producing their luxury cars. During the Iron Curtain, Tatra was unable to compete on the international stage, though they dominated regional races in Czechoslovakia. Adolf Veřmiřovský successfully competed in the T607 Monopost, winning a total of 16 first places in various competitions. In 1953, an upgraded version, the T607-2, was introduced with an increased engine capacity of 184 hp. October 16, 1953, Veřmiřovský used this car to set the Czechoslovak speed record at 129 mph. He won the Ecce Home in 1957 in 1 hr., 10 mins, and 4 secs, setting the fastest lap in the race in 5 minutes and 58 seconds.

In 1956, the T603 limousine was introduced and the need for further development of T607-2 had diminished. Consequently, Tatra scrapped the single-seater racing program after the 1958 season. The T-603 used the same all-aluminum V-8 as used in the 607 race car, detuned for street use and reliability. The T-603 remained in production for twenty years.


Manufacturer: Tatra (Replica made by ECORRA)
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Drivetrain Configuration: Mid-rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: Air-cooled, 2,545 cc, overhead valve, V8, Hemi, 162 hp
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Top Speed: 118 mph
Years of Production: 1949-1951
Number Produced: 1
Original Cost: Unknown