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Tatra T-57- 1935

Tatra T-57- 1935

In 1931, Tatra introduced the T-57 model, with the air-cooled, four cylinder, overhead valve engine placed in the front. The T-57 was one of Tatra’s most popular models–four series were produced. It remained in production until after World War II. The example shown here is a T-57 (series 1) and was nicknamed “Hadimrška” which means “swift little lizard.” It was produced in various body styles and concurrently with the T-97 and T-87. While the T-87 with its v-8 engine and streamlined body was Tatra’s premier offering, the T-57 was a more economical car for the masses. It lacked the top speed and braking performance (because the brakes are mechanical) of the streamlined T-87 model. Consequently, the T-57 was produced in large volume–26,540 models. 


  • Manufacturer: Zavody Ringhoffer-Tatra
  • Engine: 1256cc, air-cooled, 25 bhp
  • Top Speed: 50 miles per hour
  • Years of Production: 1931-1935
  • Number Produced: 5,997

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