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Tatra T-49- 1934


Developed with the intent to offer a commercial vehicle with as low cost as possible, Tatra introduced the three-wheeled T-49 in 1930. There were two options available: a one-person freight version (seen below) and this two-seater personal transport model before you. T-49s retained the backbone chassis, with the vertical-mounted engine (in the passenger cars) attached to a central carrier tube that also supported the front axle. However, the T-49 was not a success, and only 200 cars were built. There are less than 5 T-49s that have survived.

Manufacturer: Zavody Ringhoffer-Tatra
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Drivetrain Configuration: Rear –engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: 528cc four-stroke, overhead valve, 1-cylinder, air-cooled; 7 HP
Transmission: 3 speed manual
Top Speed: 34 mph
Years of Production: 1930-1939
Number produced: 200
Original Cost: unknown