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Scootacar MKII De-Luxe- 1964


It may seem hard to believe, but the manufacturer of the Scootacar also produced railroad locomotives. The Scootacar was developed in 1957 by the Hunslet Engine Works of Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, by Henry Brown. The basic design was arrived at by having Mr. Brown sit astride the engine while an assistant drew a chalk outline on the floor. The Scootacar was designed to be a weatherproof alternative to the motorcycle. By 1960, with the car gaining in popularity, a deluxe version was announced. It had a completely remodeled body and is referred to as the Mark II. This car is a very tall (5 feet), narrow, fiberglass bodied, 3-wheeled microcar. It has a more bulbous front end and a more elongated tail than the earlier MK I. The seat was re-designed to allow– in addition to the driver – two passengers to sit on either side of the driver.