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Schmitty A2-1981

Parisian racer and auto enthusiast Jean-Claude Hrubon created this shortened version of the Mini Moke. Mr. Hrubon started production in 1980, but quickly sold the manufacturing rights in 1981 to Bernard Schmitt, who produced most of the cars. The majority of them were sold in kit form, and there were three different engine options: Mini 998cc; 125cc Sachs; and 49cc Motobecane. (The low-power 49cc version allowed operation without a license in several European countries.) From 1984 to 1987, the Charlatte Company took up production, and it was early 2000 before all the kits finally sold! It seems fitting that there were three manufacturers and three engine options.
The car was marketed by the last firm as La Puce (The Flea).
Manufacturer:  Automobiles Schmitt
Country of Origin:  France
Drivetrain Configuration:  Front engine, front-wheel drive
Engine:  49cc, single cylinder, 2 stroke, Motobecane, air-cooled
Transmission:  Automatic
Top Speed:  20 MPH
Years of Production:  1981-1987
Number Produced:  200
Original Cost:  19,500 French Francs