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Sado 550- 1983

Entreposto Comercial SA was founded in Portugal in 1967 by Grupo Entreposto of Mozambique with the aim of importing, assembling, and retailing Datsun vehicles (now Nissan), marking its entry into Portugal’s automotive industry. However, financial difficulties arose in the 1970s, prompting the company to develop a microcar tailored for the Portuguese market.

After extensive engineering efforts and problem-solving, the Sado 550 entered production in Setúbal, Portugal, in 1982. Powered by a Daihatsu AB20 two-cylinder gasoline engine generating 28 bhp, paired with a four-speed manual transmission, the Sado 550 boasted unique features for the Portuguese market. With approximately five hundred units manufactured between 1982 and 1984, it holds significance as a rare addition to the museum’s microcar collection and showcases the ingenuity and perseverance of Entreposto Comercial SA amidst challenging times.


Manufacturer: Entreposto Comercial SA

Country of Origin:  Portugal

Drivetrain Configuration: Front engine, rear-wheel drive

Engine: Daihatsu, water-cooled, 547cc, inline 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, 28bhp

Transmission: 4-speed manual with reverse

Top Speed: 68 mph

Years of Production: 1982-1984

Number Produced: 500

Original Cost: Unpublished