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Renault Fuego- 1985

The Renault Fuego was introduced in 1980 and is considered a car of firsts – the Fuego introduced the first keyless entry fob in the automobile industry; was the first car to have remote stereo controls on the steering wheel; and was the first mass-produced four-seat sport hatchback fully designed in a wind-tunnel. Today we take for granted these standard options on our vehicles, but in the 1980s, these were all up-charged options on the Fuego. In 1982, the turbo-diesel version of the Fuego became the fastest production diesel car on the market, as well.

In the United States the Fuego was sold through an agreement between American Motors Corporation (AMC) and Renault. Although the car was designed in a wind-tunnel, it was heralded around the world as a well-styled vehicle, including well-known automotive journalist of the time L. J. K. Setright stating that the Fuego was, “blessed with a body which is not only roomy and aerodynamically efficient, but is also beautiful.”

Although having none of the “car of firsts” options, this 1985 example is a low-mileage (only 5,800 miles), all-original Fuego – likely one of the best unrestored examples extant. The car was stored in a garage, under cover, after the original owner’s wife passed away and there was no longer a need for a second car, but the owner could not bring himself to part with his late wife’s car.


Manufacturer: Renault S.A.

Country of Origin: France

Drivetrain Configuration: Front-engine, front-wheel drive

Engine: Renault, water-cooled, 2.2-litre, inline 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 91 hp

Transmission: Automatic, 3-speed

Top Speed: 108 mph

Years of Production: 1980-1986

Number Produced: 265,367

Original Cost: $9,295