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Renault 4 TL- 1990


In 1962, the Renault 4CV was replaced by another back-to-basic car, the Renault 4. It was no secret that the R4 was aimed at giving the Citroën 2CV some competition. Like the 2CV, the R4 had front wheel drive. Renault used the 4CV’s 747cc engine in the R4. The station wagon-like body provided seating for four. In later years, the engine was upgraded to the 845cc engine from the Dauphine and then to a higher-geared 1108cc version called the 4GTL. It has a sealed cooling system, all-independent suspension by torsion bars, and a unique “pull-push” gear shifter on the dashboard. The R4 was a design the French loved, and it was made well into the mid-1990s.