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PCD Saxon Race Car- 2002


In 2000, Martin Ogilvie designed a car for the British Hillclimb series. This series has one rule – engine size. Martin focused on making the car as light as possible (460 pounds) and took every aspect of this car to the edge. The brakes are from the rear of a Ducati motorcycle, and the brake reservoirs have a small two ounce capacity to minimize the weight of the car. As the Saxon was designed for a 40 second run up a hill, fuel capacity is about a half gallon. The hundreds of hours Martin spent designing this car has paid off, as this is the lightest race car made to date. The car you see here is the second car produced, and it has been modified for SCCA autocross. You will notice there are no gauges or rear view mirrors. It is similar in design to the first car, except it has an onboard starter (the original has an auxiliary starter) and has no wing as speeds in autocross are not high enough to generate substantial downforce.