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Opperman Unicar-1958

Opperman was a tractor manufacturer that decided to expand into the microcar business.  They commissioned Lawrie Bond (who designed and built the Bond Microcar) to design a car for them.  It was to have big car comfort with small car economy.  The design was fairly straightforward, with a steel reinforced body.  The rear wheels have a narrower track, thus eliminating the need and cost of a differential.  The Unicar first appeared in 1956 at the London Motor Show where it was the cheapest car at the show.  Sales were slow, so in 1958 the car was also offered in kit form but this did little to help sales, and production ceased in 1959.
Designer/builder:  S. E. Opperman Ltd., Elstree Hartfordshire
Country of Origin:  England
Drivetrain Configuration:  Mid engine, rear wheel drive
Engine:  328cc Excelsior, 2 stroke, 2 cylinder, air-cooled, 18HP
Transmission:  4 speed manual
Top Speed:  60 MPH
Years of Production:  1956-1959
Number Produced:  200
Original Cost:  400 British Pounds