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NSU Ro-80- 1970


The Ro-80 was a truly advanced front-wheel drive saloon. It combined the first commercially developed twin-rotor Wankel engine with front-wheel drive and semi-automatic transmission, a spacious interior, and a low-drag body shape. With its four wheel disc brakes and excellent suspension, the Ro-80 was praised as the car of the future and was named car of the year in 1968. Unfortunately, the Wankel engines were not durable and NSU warranty costs drove them out of business. The assembly plant ceased production of the Ro-80 in 1976, after Volkswagen’s 1969 purchase of Auto Union. NSU GMBH still exists, as a department serving under Audi Traditions GmbH.


Manufacturer: Audi NSU Auto Union AG
Country of Origin: Germany
Drivetrain Configuration: Front engine, front wheel drive
Engine: Twin rotor rotary, 1990cc,
115 hp
Transmission: 3 speed semi-automatic
Top Speed: 108 mph
Years of Production: 1967-77
Number Produced: 37,204
Original Cost: 14,150 DM ($8,745 USD in 1970)