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Norster 600R- 2013


Designed in Finland and built in China, the Norster 600R seen here may look like, and even drive like, a normal passenger car but it is actually registered in Europe as a “heavy quad” (All Terrain Vehicle in the US). Quads and ATVs do not have to meet the same emission and safety requirements that regular cars do and the production costs are much lower. The 600R does have a race car-like tube frame and four-point seat harnesses to achieve some degree of safety.
The fiberglass body copies the styling of the 1950s Austin-Healey “Bugeye” Sprite, although with vertical-opening doors, no top, no side windows, and an unfortunately bolt-upright windshield. The 600R’s bulky rear engine cover is opened with the help of an electric motor. Its Chery-sourced 580cc two-cylinder engine puts outs a meager 20 hp, which keeps speeds low but helps it attain 50 mpg, according to Norster’s website. The Norster 600R seen here was the only one to ever be sold in France, and now maybe the only one in the US.




Manufacturer: Nordian Commerce Ltd.

Country of Origin: Finland/China

Drivetrain Configuration: Mid-mounted engine, rear wheel drive

Engine: Chery Acteco-sourced 580cc two cylinder, water-cooled, 20hp

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Top Speed: Governed to 100 Km/h (62 mph)

Years of Production: 2011-14

Number Produced: Unknown

Original Cost: €8,900