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Nissan PAO-1989


The PAO was introduced to an adoring public at the 1987 Tokyo Motor Show alongside the S-Cargo. The retro styling of the hugely popular Be-1 was continued and taken even further. Car buyers ordered more than 51,000 PAO’s during the limited-to-three-months order taking period. The PAO is based on the Micra. The fenders are made of General Electric’s “flex-panel” material that can withstand minor impacts without denting. “Flex-panels” fade at
a different rate than painted steel panels, so the car has different shades of blue all over its body.  Retro styling cues are external door hinges, front vent windows, rear flip-up windows, corrugated body panels, body colored dash, and a sliding fabric roof.
Manufacturer:  Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Country of Origin:  Japan
Drivetrain Configuration: Front engine, front wheel drive
Engine: 1.0 liter
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Top Speed:  80 miles per hour
Years of Production:  1989-91
Number Produced:  51,657
Original Cost:  around $10,500