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Morgan F Super- 1948



Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan was the son of a vicar. Unlike his father and grandfather, he decided not to go into the church but became an engineering apprentice with the railway. In 1910 he formed Morgan Motor Co. Ltd and exhibited his first three-wheeler at the 1910 motor cycle show. In 1937 Morgan introduced the F Super. It has a barrel-backed body with the spare tire recessed in the tail. It has a channel section steel frame and conventional accelerator pedals (earlier models had throttle controls on the steering wheel). The exhaust pipe runs beneath the car rather than along the side as in other “F” series models. The F Super was revived after World War II and made with little change until its demise. Morgan produced approximately 30,000 three-wheelers from 1910-52. Until 2003, the company was run by the son of Henry Morgan.