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Monopoly Car- 2009


Arguably the world’s most famous board game, Monopoly has been translated into 37 languages, exists in hundreds of licensed versions, and has sold over 250 million copies since first patented by Parker Brothers in 1935. Today, you can play as a penguin or even a T-Rex, but in 1935, the choice was between the top hat, thimble, iron, shoe, battleship, or cannon.

In 1937, the first cast-zinc race car token was added to the game. Unsurprisingly, the single-seat race car has seen several variations over time, yet the iconic form resembles that of a 1930’s Midget race car. Small, lightweight, open-wheeled bodied cars with long external headers, rounded hoods, and capped with vertical-slat grilles-the Monopoly car game piece captures all the Midget racer characteristics in its tiny token form.

The oversized Monopoly car you see here was made by Biscuit Filmworks, a London and Los Angeles based commercial production company, and featured in a 2009 AT&T commercial.

Built on a modified Club Car golf cart chassis with a 48-volt electric motor, the hand-molded fiberglass body contains all the important details from the game piece. With an up-close examination, you can get a sense of the quick turnaround in which these commercials are fabricated, nonetheless, the Monopoly car is a solidly built piece of popular culture.

The Monopoly car seen here was generously donated to the museum by Darren Wright. Wright worked for the ad agency that wrote and developed the AT&T Commercial. When the shoot was “a wrap” the car was offered to Wright who jumped at the chance to own it!

Manufacturer: Biscuit Filmworks
Country of Origin: USA
Drivetrain Configuration: Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: Club Car DS, 48-Volt Advanced DC Motor, 3.5 HP
Transmission: Single-speed, forward with reverse
Top speed: 17 mph
Years Produced: 2009
Number Produced: 1
Cost: Unknown