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Charles Mochet was a very successful manufacturer of pedal-powered cars for people.  Production started in 1927, and the cars were very simple – made of wood with very few creature comforts.  WWII saw the demand for Mochet’s car rise as gasoline was either scarce or not available.  Post WWII saw Mochet come out with his first power car, the Type H, which still had pedals… just in case.  The Type K seen here is the first Mochet car offered without pedals, and the body is now made out of steel.  As you can see, the body was very simple, which made it cheap and easy to produce, although the car would certainly win no beauty contest.  Mochet continued to produce cars up until 1958, at which time he began producing bicycles with reclining seats.  It’s as if he went back to his beginnings.
Manufacturer:  Charles Mochet, Peteaux Siene
Country of Origin:  France
Drivetrain Configuration:  Rear engine, rear wheel drive
Engine:  125cc, single cylinder, 2 stroke, 3.5 HP
Transmission:  Single speed
Top Speed:  20 MPH
Years of Production:  1947-1949
Number Produced:  650
Original Cost:  Unknown