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Mia- 2012


Mia was a very ambitious, all-electric vehicle manufacturer located in Cerizay, France. The state-of-the-art, fully-reconfigured (former Hueliez coachbuilders) plant employed 16 designers and 80 engineers, including former VW and Bertone design executives. Pre-production Mias were introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 2011, and later at the Frankfurt show. The Mia seen here was the smallest of three distinct models, offering seats for three, and a central driver position. The foot-longer Mia L had a more conventional four passenger layout, while the Mia U was a box van with a single seat, built on the L platform. Floor and roof cutouts made ingress/egress easy, while the cart-like handling and central seating allowed the driver the Walter Mitty fantasy of driving a McLaren F1.
All three models were fully compliant with highway regulations, and passed all crash tests. All Mias were equipped with air bags, three-point seatbelts, SBS, and auto brake assist, and were considered highway-capable. Base models with an 8kWh battery had an estimated range of 80-90km (50-55 miles) while the uprated 12kWh battery increased the range to 120km, depending on load and temperature.
Mia’s plan was to establish partnerships with public-mobility companies throughout the world, and the cars were targeted at rental agencies and ride-sharing groups. Although the Mia was sold throughout Europe, Canada, and South Africa, the company encountered financial difficulties and was placed into receivership in January, 2014.


Manufacturer: Mia Electric
Country of Origin: France
Drivetrain Configuration: rear motor, rear drive
Engine: 13 HP electric motor/12 kWh Lithium-Iron battery
Transmission: single speed, forward and reverse
Weight: 810kg (1800 pounds)
Top Speed: 110kph/68mph claimed (91kph (56.5mph) observed)
Years Produced: 2011-2013
Number Produced: approx. 1000
Cost: €12,255 ($16,532 USD)