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MG TF 1500- 1955

MG TF 1500- 1955

Servicemen returning from the European Theater after WWII had become infatuated with the sports car. One of the most popular and recognizable was the MG T-series. In 1949, the MG TC gave way to the MG TD; in 1953, the MG TD gave way to the MG TF. The TF was at the time a rather unsuccessful attempt to stall the impatient car enthusiasts who had started to get tired of the long series of the T-type and were crying for something new. Hence, the TF became a short production series before the MGA was released. It was basically a cosmetic modification of the TD but had a more modern look, with a more inclined radiator and built-in head lamps. In hindsight, the TF turned out to be perhaps the most beautiful of all the MG models, and the low production number (a total of 6200 of the 1250cc model and 3400 of the 1500cc model engines being made) now makes it very attractive for collectors. TF was available in these color options: black with red, green, or biscuit upholstery; red with red or biscuit upholstery; green with green or biscuit upholstery, and ivory with red or green upholstery.



  • Manufacturer: MG Car Co. Ltd.
  • Country of Origin: Great Britain
  • Engine: 1466cc, S4, 62 hp
  • Top Speed: 129 kilometers per hour
  • Years of Production: 1954-1955
  • Number Produced: 3,400
  • Original Cost: $1,500

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