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MG Metro 6R4- 1985


This Group B rally car was designed and built under contract by Williams Grand Prix (Formula 1) Engineering. Unlike other top rally cars at the time, it was naturally aspirated rather than turbocharged. Acceleration is zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds. The 6R4 is designed with a normally aspirated V6 engine. It is basically a Rover V8 engine with 2 cylinders removed, along with some elements of the Cosworth DFV. The fuel injected engine, as well as the radiators, are mounted at the rear of the car where the back seats would be in a standard MG Metro. In this configuration, power was rated at 400 – 410 BHP from the factory, although this updated spec is closer to 450. The Clubman spec, a “homologation special” run of 200 cars with a single throttle body, was rated at 250 BHP. The 6R4 won one major rally, the 1986 Circuit of Ireland Rally.

Just as developments were beginning to make the car successful, Group B rally cars were banned from competition in 1987 due to safety concerns. The 6R4 continues as a major force in rallycross and hillclimbing where its sheer brute force, light weight, and aerodynamics continue to make it a very competitive car.


Manufacturer: Austin-Rover Group
Country of Origin: Great Britain
Drivetrain Configuration: Mid engine, four wheel drive
Engine: V-6, 3.0 liter, 400 hp
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Top Speed: 120 mph
Years of Production: 1983-88
Number Produced: 200
Original Cost: $50,000