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MG M type-1932

MG started as a group of retail outlets owned by Morris Garages (MG). Their first cars were re-bodied Morris Crowley cars, and were not even called MG. Cecil Kimber was the brain power behind this operation. The 14/28 Tourer was MG’s first real production car, and came out in 1925. The M Type shown here was MG’s first high volume sports car. Simple and fairly reliable, the M Type offered reasonable performance at a very low price. (This was to remain MG’s niche entry-level sports car). The early M Type cars were all fabric-bodied (for light weight and low cost). In 1930 one could buy the M Type with a steel body for an additional 20 British Pounds.
This car was bought by my dad, Gene Lane, in 1972 in Toronto, Canada. I remember going with him one weekend in the company box truck to pick it up (we lived north of Detroit then). The car did not run when my dad bought it, and we spent most of our time working on the MG T Series cars we had. In 1976 my dad sold the M Type to Dan Glow in Cleveland, Ohio. Dan got the car running, and took it to many shows throughout the years. In 2014 my dad bought the M Type back from Mr. Glow, and donated it to the museum.
Manufacturer:  MG Car Co. Ltd., Abingdon, Berkshire
Country of Origin:  England
Drivetrain Configuration:  Front engine, rear wheel drive
Engine:  4 cylinder, water cooled, 20 HP
Transmission:  3 speed manual
Top Speed:  60 MPH
Years of Production:  1929-1932
Number Produced:  3,235
Original Cost:  175 British Pounds