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Marden E2 125- 1979


Ten years prior to the launch of Renault’s Espace people carrier, microcar company Marden debuted their Espace in 1975. Powered by either an electric motor or a Sachs 47cc engine, Marden’s Espace was marketed as a “luxurious” sans permis (no license needed) microcar. Advertisements of the day touted its plush seating, full carpeting, independent suspension, and automatic transmission. It came in either closed or open-topped versions.
There was an attempt to offer a more powerful 435cc Citroën 2CV engine in 1979, but it never made it to production. By 1979, Marden had dropped the Espace nameplate, now simply known as the 49 or 125 (depending on which engine you chose). It was replaced by an entirely new front-engine model, the Fetta, in 1983.
As sales of its diesel-powered Channel and Alize models had dropped sharply by 1990, Marden ceased operations in 1992.


Manufacturer: Marden S.A.
Country of Origin: France
Drivetrain Configuration: Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: 124cc, air-cooled inline 4-cylinder, 7.2 bhp
Transmission: CVT (forward and reverse)
Top Speed: 38 MPH (60 km/h)
Years of Production: 1975-1983
Number Produced: Unknown
Original Cost: Unknown