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M.E.P. X27- 1968


Maurice Pezous was a French aeronautics engineer, a racing fan, and a Citroën enthusiast. In 1952, he began designing cars based on Citroën drivetrains, and in 1965 he began designing oneseater race cars. A good performance at the 24 Hours of le Mans in 1966 caught the attention of Citroën and, in 1968, with 20 M.E.P.s, Citroën announced a special race series called “Formule Bleue.” The goal was to create a competition for young talented autosport enthusiasts at a low cost. The series grew quickly due to the combination of the inexpensive price for a M.E.P. (8,000 French francs) and big bonuses offered by the sponsors–Citroën, Michelin, and Total. The car you see here is a M.E.P. X27. It is equipped with a Citroën GS engine. The light weight (865 pounds) allows for a top speed of 130 m.p.h. The “Formule Bleue” competition ran until 1975.