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Lidove Vozitko- 1950


In post-WWII Europe, Communist Czechoslovakian cars were a rare commodity. Most people rode motorcycles and bicycles since most of the population simply could not afford a car. In 1948-49 The Automobile Club of the Czechoslovak Republic sponsored a competition to design a lidove vozitko, or people’s car. The only three requirements were that the vehicle had to carry two people, protect them from the elements, and get a minimum of 50 MPG. Twenty-two people submitted entries of designs and a running example, most built in home garages. None of the cars ever went into production, and although this car was not part of the competition, it was very likely influenced by this competition. Powered by a Puch 350cc motorcycle engine, with a Skoda license plate light and many other borrowed components, this was obviously someone’s attempt to build their own car because they could not afford to buy one. As strange as it may appear, on a rainy day it was much more comfortable than a motorcycle.


This vehicle was restored by FST Restorations in White House, TN.


Manufacturer: Homemade
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Drivetrain Configuration: Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
Engine: 350cc Puch 2-cylinder motorcycle, two-stroke, air-cooled
Transmission: 3 speed manual
Top Speed: 40 MPH?
Years of Production: 1950
Number Produced: 1